Science Party

A science themed party is so much fun for kids, and their parents. I was delighted when my 6, turning 7, year old daughter wanted a science party! She also really wanted it to be small and to have it at our house. On one hand, that was great as it is easier to go all out with theme and decor when it is at your own home, but on the other hand, it meant we were very limited in who we could invite. 

If your child has any interest in science, I highly recommend making your next party science themed! Now that we have done the planning all you need to do is take the ideas and shopping lists and see how your guests will be amazed. 

To purchase many of the items mentioned below, please check out the Science Theme on our Amazon Shop.

Build excitement with the invitation - Custom Invitation and Science Lab Badges

Start building excitement for the party by sending a custom invitation and custom Science Lab badges for each child. If you decide on just electronic invites then simply give each child their badge when they arrive at the party.  With my daughter's party, we went with ID badges customized with each child's name and photo. I loved hearing stories from all the parents about how much their kids loved the badges and were even wearing them at home days before the party!

We used Bsquared Design, an Etsy shop, for the invites, the badges and a number of other really great science party additions, read on to see more. 

Delight Upon Arrival 

Add to the fun and illusion by greeting each child at the door and present them with a pair of safety glasses and a lab coat! 

Decor (and scientific edibles)



Here in NYC, we hired Sarah the Science Teacher to conduct 2 hands on experiments with the kids in addition to a liquid nitrogen demonstration. It was amazing. She had the kids attention from the first second, they were all so excited and engaged. First she taught them a little bit about fossils and proceeded to allow each child to make their own fossil out of plaster (which they got to take home). Then came the very exciting liquid nitrogen show which amazed children and adults alike. The finale to the liquid nitrogen show was making ice cream in front of everyone's eyes in just a minute. 

If you are in NYC Sarah was great, I highly recommend her. There are a few other places that offer science party entertainment, just do a search online or reach out to me for pointers. 

If you are not in NYC, look online to see if you can find a science party entertainer or perhaps a children's science teacher who would be willing to conduct a few experiments at your party. And of course, you could do a few experiments with the kids yourself. There are many many online examples of easy at home experiments, like making volcanos.  

Favor Bag 

If you do decide to get safety glasses, IDs and lab coats for the kids, that could certainly be considered the party favors. For this party I wanted to go further and also handed out favor bags. Instead of many smaller items, I'd oped for one larger item (a science kit) plus a science journal and a pack of Pop Rocks (don't Pop Rocks just scream science?). 

The bags were simple to put together. I found science kits I like online, one type for the 6 - 7 year olds and one for the 4 - 5 year olds. I ordered simple white paper bags large enough to hold the science kits. Then each bag got a science kit, a journal a pack of Pop Rocks and a sticker on the front from Bsquared Design that said thanks for coming and had my daughter's initials. We wrote each child's name one their bag to ensure they got the appropriate science kit, DR. + Child's First Name.

If you want to do a favor bag but keep costs lower, the journals and Pop Rocks were inexpensive and there are many science-y favors out there. Here are a few:

Easy Shopping

To purchase any of the items mentioned above from Amazon, check out our the Science theme on Amazon Store, where we have put all these science items, plus a few more great choices, all in one easy spot. Just pick you items, and then add them to your cart, once you are ready to check out you will be able to purchase everything with your regular Amazon account details and benefits, such as Prime.

I mentioned Bsquared Design and Crazy Brain Chocolate above for amazing themed items. Be sure to explore their stores on Etsy. And while you are there, search on "science party" to be amazed at the variety from a number of other stores.