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Current Obsessions

  • True Botanicals - Non-toxic skin care that works and has the most enticing and relaxing mild scents. Go to their site and take their quiz to get recommendations. I even love their shampoo and conditioner, which come in metal containers ... no plastic!
  • Yeti 36oz Tumbler - I typically drink a good amount of water but I wanted to be sure I was really getting enough each and every day. In comes this tumbler. I was recently informed that we should all aim for at least 1.5L of water a day, versus the standard 8 8oz glasses. So if I drink 1.5 times this tumbler I am meeting that goal. So I fill it in the morning and drink from it all day long, try to be done by the time lunch is over and then fill it all the way again and try to empty it by the end of the day....yes, going for extra credit :-) Using the large format really helps encourage drinking more and it keeps my water at a great tempurature the entire time. I highly recommend trying this approach! 
  • Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cocoa - So tasty and leaves you feeling oh so cozy. Perfect as you wind down your evening.