Thanksgiving Crackers

These Meri Meri crackers for Thanksgiving are the only ones worth getting. They are festive and instead of a tattoo or tiny toy each one contains the most adorable woodland creature keychain. The image is from our last Thanksgiving. I already have this year's version (with new designs) waiting to adorn our table. 

Current Obsessions

  • Bonavita Electric Kettle - I am in love with this kettle! It is light weight, beautiful and heats up to 1L of water quickly. It can even keep the water for 1 hour -  can you say "second cup of tea"? You can set custom water temps, perfect for tea varieties and pour over coffee. The spout is designed for pour over coffee. Both tea and coffee lovers can enjoy this one kettle. 
  • Juice Press' Raw Oatmeal - I add a big handful of blueberries and a heaping teaspoon of chia seeds
  • The grilled fish at Ootoya
  • Stone Barns Center for Agriculture - if I could spend a year there learning all that I could, I would. 

HYGGE - Cabin in the Woods

We bought a house in the country! Well, technically, it is not a house yet, but it is on its way. On a 7 acre wooded lot nestled in the Catskill/Hudson Valley area our little escape from the city is coming to life. We are hooked on NYC but have been craving nature. 

We finally get to move in next week! For the last few months I have been on the hunt for the perfect furnishings and decor for our little abode. As soon as I have some photos of my chosen items in the house I will share photos and maker info. I also cannot wait to share more about the area as we explore a new little town each time we go up to check on the construction progress. Last time we were in Rhinebeck, visiting a local furniture company, Sawkille, and it was such a sweet town! There is so much to explore and discover.