Wine Glass Markers

 Image courtesy of Amazon

Image courtesy of Amazon

Everyone has experienced that moment where they are not sure which drink glass is theirs. You either pick one up and hope it is yours or go for a new glass. And as a host, this means going through many more glasses than you really need to. 

These markers put the end to that confusion and everyone will appreciate it. They are easy to use and the writing comes off easily when the glasses are washed. 

So, trust me, If you like to have people over you need these. They also make a very thoughtful and useful hostess gift! 

Available on Amazon for under $10 - Wine Enthusiast 3-Pack Wine Glass Writer Metallic Pen.

Pepper Relish & Pickled Mustard Seeds

This are little jars of deliciousness. Bright, fresh, clean flavors. Perfect for any cookout or summer gathering. Great on sausages or burgers. Excellent on pulled pork. Not sure how to make pulled pork, here's our easy recipe - Coffee Braised Pork Shoulder Carnitas.

Buy now through our partner, Food52: Pepper Relish & Pickled Mustard Seeds ($18 for the pair)

 Images from FOod52

Images from FOod52

Hand-Forged Triangle Dinner Bell

Perhaps a little frivolous but we love this nod to time when you'd ring a bell (or triangle) to let the kids who are out playing that it is time to come home for dinner. We love it simply as decor on your back porch or to use when hosting a bbq to let your guests know food is ready.

Buy now through Food52: Hand-Forged Triangle Dinner Bell

 Photo courtesy of Food52

Photo courtesy of Food52

Porcelain Paper Plate

A little pricey but I love these porcelain plates made to look like paper plates. They are so fun and you can feel good about not using disposable plates.

The first time ever saw one was at Eleven Madison Park in New York City. My husband and I were there to celebrate my birthday. Every course was not only a treat for our tastebuds but also a delight visually; they were all beautiful and well thought out, with great care to detail, yet there was a wonderful whimsy to them as well. One of the courses arrived in an adorable picnic basket and contained a very nice assortment of mini picnic items, along with these porcelain plates. Both my husband and I smiled when we saw the basket and even more when we unpacked the adorable and whimsical plates. They certainly made savoring the contents of the basket all the more enjoyable. 

They come in 5", 8" and 11" options. 

Buy now through Food52: Porcelain Paper Plates

 Photos courtesy of Food52

Photos courtesy of Food52

Round Slate Cheese Board

From one of my favorite Brooklyn producers, Brooklyn Slate, is this lovely round slate cheese board. Perfect for an array of cheeses, crackers and fruit. It's 11.5" diameter also lends well to it being used for desserts whether it be a cake, cupcakes or cookies. 

It comes with a piece of soapstone chalk allowing you to write and re-write on it as well. Excellent for labeling cheeses. 

Buy now through Food52: Round Slate Cheese Board ($44)

(You might want to get one as a gift and one for yourself!)