Flatware and Napkin Holder

This wood flatware and napkin holder is a bit pricey, but it is also gorgeous, super functional and will last years to come. It makes putting out napkins and silverware a breeze and straightforward for guests. Ideal for anyone who likes to have people over, especially outdoors. Makes a lovely housewarming or host gift. 

Food52 just added the option of bass handles. So you can select the size you want, the wood you want and then whether or not you want to include bass handles. We prefer it without the handles. 

Comes in 4 options: Small Walnut, Large Walnut, Large Small Fumed Oak and Large Fumed Oak with or without handles.

Per Food52 -- This might be the best way to hold your napkins, forks, spoons, and knives when you’re entertaining. The large size of this beautifully handcrafted holder has a section in the middle perfectly sized to hold your dinner napkins, along with 6 smaller sections for all of your flatware. The smaller size nicely fits cocktail napkins in the middle and also has 4 smaller sections for your flatware. Leave the holder out all the time because it’s classic enough to match with everything—and it’s super functional: Sections are removable for easy cleaning and oiling. 

Buy now at Food52: Flatware and Napkin Holder ($170 - $250)

 THese photos are courtesy of Food52

THese photos are courtesy of Food52

Below are some shots of the large fumed oak version in our yard, just before having friends over. We did not have enough to fill all the slots as we were just serving a cheese and charcuterie platter so I added a few small succulents which added a whimsical yet sophisticated touch.