Designer Stackable Dinnerware

I had my eye on these plates for a long while. I love the crisp clean white, the modern round shape, the lip that lends to stacking well and helps keep food on the plates along with the durable, lightweight, dishwasher-safe resin of which they are crafted. 

With the completion of our apartment renovation, including our small backyard, we were finally ready to host backyard cookouts! And I promptly ordered 12 large dinner plates (for the main course) and 12 small plates (for salads or desserts...ok, let's face it, mostly for desserts). They did not disappoint. They are lovely in person. They look great stacked on the side waiting to be picked up and loaded with food. And they look wonderful on the table. I am complimented on them each time we have someone new over for a cookout. Ideal outdoors, but I also plan to use them indoors when we need extra plates or have a lot of children over. 

I highly recommend adding some to your collection. In addition to the plates we have, they have a salad bowl and mug. 

Available through MoMA. (Note: We have no affiliation with MoMA, besides loving them.)

 Image from MoMA

Image from MoMA