Super Bowl prep time is here!!



Pork Carnitas

Make your party goers happy with this easy to prepare and delicious dish.



Turkey Chili

As satisfying as beef chili. Perfect for a crowd. Great on hot dogs too.

Sneak Peak at my Super Bowl Party menu:

  • Turkey Chili -  my go to and always a crowd pleaser! 
  • Chicken Wings - one of my favorite local butchers is offering oven ready marinated chicken wings! I just ordered 4 pounds. Score. 
  • Seafood Tower/Bar - I know, not typical Super Bowl food. We have a few people who will be in attendance that are trying to eat healthier and are following certain food philosophies, so this is a nice option. Plus, might as well glam it up! I'm lucky to live close to The Lobster Place so I plan to head over Sunday morning to pick up a nice selection (oysters, crab claws, shrimp). If you don't have as much access, they will ship to you! Check out the link. 
  • Hot dogs - you can't have a Super Bowl party without hot dogs. It's a good standby for the kiddos too. I try to eat clean most of the time, but I swear, Pat LeFreida hot dogs are so good that they are worth it. If you are going to eat a hot dog, they should be the tastiest. You can order direct from them! There is still time to get some before game day. There was a bit of frenzy at our post apple picking party this fall about the hot dogs we served. People were loving them, and all we did was grill them and plop them on a plate. The hot dogs are just that good. Bonus is if you make my turkey chili, people tend to love it on their hot dogs too!
  • Crudite with onion dip - trying to work on those veggies. Onion dip makes it more indulgent. 
  • Items I am debating: deviled eggs (I would order these, I can't add on my "make" list), corn muffins (My favorite recipe is Alex Guarnaschelli's Cast Iron Skillet Corn Bread), potato chips, cheetos (so good but so bad for you, hence the debate)) 

Another idea I love (but we already did it 2 weeks ago!): Slider Bar

Mini hamburgers may take a little longer to make and are a little more work to grill but they are perfect in a game day spread. Simply get the best ground beef you can yet, grass-fed and finished, if possible. Form small patties with a thumbprint in the middle, which helps them cook up flat. Coat with garlic salt and they are ready for the grill. It's that easy. 

Put your mini burgers out with an array of fixings so folks can make their own as they wish through the event: slider buns, sliced cheese, lettuce, raw onion (I would say this is optional as it would be tasty but the smell can be strong), ketchup, mustard

Current Obsessions

  • The Greatest Showman - The movie is absolutely spectacular and has an equally amazing soundtrack that will have you dancing and singing along at home. Do yourself a favor and see the movie and get the soundtrack. Seriously. I haven't enjoyed a soundtrack this much since the musical Rent. 
  • Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cocoa