Fujifilm Instax Instant Film Camera - Instant fun, long term memento

Add some pure fun to your next gathering, whether it be for grown ups or children with a Fujifilm Instax camera. It will bring back fond memories of the Polaroids we used to take as children and will delight the next generation. They also make a super fun gift - just be sure to include some film

We brought our camera (an older model) to a children's party recently and it was such a hit with the kids and the parents. At some point in the evening my daughter asked for it so she could snap some photos of her friends. Two minutes later almost every child was coming up to her and asking repeatedly for her to take their photo. And amazingly enough they were all polite and posed so nicely - 5 - 8 year olds! It was clear that they were so delighted with the photos as my daughter my handed them over.  

It is rather funny that though it is called Instant film since it actually makes you slow down a bit compared to snapping a photo on your phone. The photo takes a moment to slide out after it has been taken and then the image takes its time revealing itself. This pause adds to the excitement, as does the fact that there is and will only ever be one version of this picture. It is precious. 

The film is not cheap but worth the special photos you'll have as a result. If you let a child use the camera (I suggest 6+), be sure to set a limit so they are a little more selective with what they choose to shoot. It might take a couple times with the camera before they really realize what the limit means so be patient. Best to let them shoot until the cartridge is empty so it is the camera that tells them they are done for the moment. 

Ready to get one for yourself? Or as a gift?  They are easily available from Amazon in a variety of colors, see options here: Fujifilm Instax camera. Prices range from $55+ depending on what color and options you choose. 

Don't forget film which comes in 10 sheet cartridges. Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film (3 Twin Packs, 60 Total Pictures) Value Set

Disclaimer: We are an affiliate of Amazon and receive a small commission on any sales. But be assured that we only recommend products we truly love. Above camera images are from Amazon. Photo images are from a recent going away party.