littleBits has created a collection of functional components that snap together easily allowing the creator to invent anything from a robot that draws to an auto pet feeder to a synthesizer! No engineer degree required. 

They have many kits to choose from providing you with a nice starting point. A fantastic gift for anyone who likes to tinker and loves technology. Kids will love littleBits too, really they are like Legos for this generation. A great opportunity for a parent/child project. 

With their Smart Home Kit ($249) you can do things like build an automatic fish feeder you can control from your phone! Or find out if your dog is having barking fits while no one is home? Everything you need in in the Little Bits Smart Home Kit. 

Interested in music? The Synth Kit ($159) lets you build things like your own analog synthesizer or a Spin Table. 

Their CloudBit Starter Kit ($99) lets you create internet-connected devices in seconds. For instance, find out if someone rings your doorbell when you're not home or when your in your backyard hosting a cookout might not hear your doorbell. 

Some of their other kits are Base Kit ($99), Premium Kit ($149), a Deluxe Kit ($199), and even a very exciting Space Kit ($149) - a collaboration wit NASA. You can also purchase individual components. 

All Images from littleBits

All Images from littleBits

Learn more and purchase at littleBits. Free shipping on all orders over $60. 

Also available through Amazon (enjoy your Prime benefits).