Creekside Farms Large Winter Branch Wreath

This gorgeous wreath currently sits just inside the front door at our cabin and I can hardly contain how much I love it. You should have it in your home. Food52 also has a number of other lovely wreaths if you'd prefer a slightly different style. These would also make lovely holiday gifts for family.

The wreath in our entryway

The wreath in our entryway


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Pewter Candlesticks

These are an instant heirloom. Reminiscent of another time yet their purity and simplicity still lend themselves to a more modern setting. I like to have a pair of these with one of the taller (also featured here) version for a trio. They were beyond perfect on our Thanksgiving Table this year. A bargain for the aesthetic and quality. Pick up some pretty tapers from Food52 as well, they have a bunch of amazing colors to choose from. 

These beauties on our 2017 Thanksgiving table:


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Wine Glass Markers

Image from Amazon

Image from Amazon

Everyone has experienced that moment where they are not sure which drink glass is theirs. You either pick one up and hope it is yours or go for a new glass. And as a host, this means going through many more glasses than you really need to. 

These markers put the end to that confusion and everyone will appreciate it. They are easy to use and the writing comes off easily when the glasses are washed. 

So, trust me, If you like to have people over you need these. They also make a very thoughtful and useful hostess gift! 

Available on Amazon for under $10 - Wine Enthusiast 3-Pack Wine Glass Writer Metallic Pen.

Pie + Hidden Quote Pie Plate

Up the fun factor of any pie by making the pie in one of these with a hidden quote on the bottom only to be revealed as the pie is eaten. Quotes like "Eat More Pie" and "Nom Nom Nom" are sure to make anyone chuckle.

Your guests will be delighted as the message is revealed.

Attending a party? How cute would it be to show up to a summer gathering with a delicious pie in a pie plate the host can keep? Not sure what to bake? This super simple, yet very yummy pie, Key Lime Pie recipe. It is sure to please. 

Buy now through our partner, Food52: Hidden Quote Pie Plates ($30 - $38 each)

If you don't want to spend so much on the pie dish, here's a classic glass one: Pyrex Glass Bakeware Pie Plate from Amazon.

Disclaimer: We are an affiliate of Food52 and receive a small commission on any sales. But be assured that we only recommend products we truly love. Images above from Food52.

Gourmet DIY Smores Kit

Whether to be used at the party or to be enjoyed afterwards by the host, these DIY S'mores Kits are sure to delight. 

Buy now (get a set for yourself too!) though our partner Food52! 

Food52 DIY S'mores Kits // $20

Add on this kitchen torch for the full effect - BonJour Brushed Aluminum Chef's Torch (Amazon).



(We are an affiliate with Food52 and receive a small commission on any sales. But we only recommend products we truly love.)

Maggiso Ceramic Wine Chiller

This wine chiller is amazing. Run it under cold water for a few minutes and it will then keep your bottle of wine cold for 2 - 4 hours. And let's face it, would any single bottle of wine even last 2 hours? You can even write on it with chalk to share the type of wine housed in it or anything else you wish.

We have used it a number of times and are always amazed at the results. The interior is coated so moisture does not transfer from the ceramic to the wine bottle. The ice bucket in this line is also sleek and super functional. 

Buy now through Amazon: Maggiso Ceramic Wine Cooler

Photos from Amazon

Photos from Amazon