Snack Cup Flower


These are so adorable! As soon as I first saw them on Martha Stewart's site I knew I had to make them for an upcoming Easter play date. In addition to being super cute, they pull double (or triple!) duty. These little cups add to the decor, hold a little snack and can be used as place settings. I love them! 

What you'll need:


  1. Make a flower template. To do this, take one card. Place a cupcake liner in the center and draw a circle around the liner, this will make the center of your flower and the position where the cupcake liner will ultimately be stuck to. Then freehand draw petals out from the center circle. Be as creative as you want. I made 8 petals. I started with narrow ones in each corner and then 4 shorter but slightly wider ones going out to the middle of each edge of the square. It took me two tries to get the look I wanted. Cut the flower out and you have a template! If you do not have 5.5" cards, feel free to use any card stock you can get you'll just have to do a little more thinking about how long to make the petals. The square card makes it easy as you can just draw until the edge.
  2. Use the template to make all of the flowers you'll need. Simply place the template on a fresh card and trace around the template. Then cut the next flower out. I was able to cut 2 cards together, cutting the work in half. 
  3. Using the double sided tape or glue adhere a cupcake liner to the center circle. 
  4. If using as place cards, write names on a petal. If you have the time, using rubber stamps to print the names would be a nice touch. 
  5. Arrange on your table and just before your guests arrive, fill with a little snack or treat. We used Annie's Bunny Cookies to keep to the bunny theme. Jelly beans or little chocolate eggs would be super fun as well.