Heading to someone's for Easter and still thinking about what to bring? While it is best to ask your host what would be good to bring since they have spent all that time menu planning, here are some suggestions in case they tell you, "Oh don't bring anything!" - because you still should bring something...in case it is to our place - then we mean it :-)
(yes, sweets dominate the list, next year I will try for some healthier options too but these are all too good to pass up and will usually add on to any other treats already at the event nicely.)

If you happen to be in NYC...

 Mini black and white cakes from Empire Cake

Mini black and white cakes from Empire Cake

  • Empire Cake's mini black and white cakes/cookies. These delightful little cakes are the perfect size and are so delicious. In Chelsea 112th 8 Ave (b/w 15th & 16th St)
  • Assorted cookies from Veniero's or one of their strawberry cakes will not disappoint. 342 E. 11th St. (b/w 1st & 2nd Ave)
  • Cheese assortment from Lucy's Whey, located in Chelsea Market. If you aren't sure what to pick, the staff there would be happy to make recommendations. Add in a fig jam to really make the cheese offering special. If you want something more substantial to give to your host, include one of their cheese boards or cheese knives. 
  • Gelato from L'Arte del Gelato. Multiple locations in NYC. Their gelato is hand crafted in small batches with the freshest ingredients. The current flavor of the month is Salted Caramel - yum!
  • Superior Chocolate Choices:  
    Leonidas - This Belgian chocolatier makes some of the tastiest chocolates we have ever tried. They will most definitely delight anyone.
    La Maison Du Chocolat - We first tried their chocolates while on a trip to Paris. Delicious. More recently we've enjoyed hot chocolate from their Plaza Hotel location. While expensive, it is the second best hot chocolate I have ever had, best in NYC. So if you are willing to splurge a little (I tend to go for quality over quantity) then perhaps some Easter chocolates from La Maison Du Chocolate are in order. 
    Lic Lac Chocolates - Made in Brooklyn, locations in Brooklyn and throughout Manhattan. Newly opened stall at Chelsea Market! Beautiful and delicious chocolates. They have a cute array of Easter themed options. 

If you happen to be in the Boston area...

  • Antoine's Pastry Shop makes the most amazing Easter Bread. It is really something special. They only make it for about a week every Easter and often have long lines of people in the know waiting to purchase multiples. This year my aunt Michelle has popped one in the mail for us as we cannot get to Boston and I cannot image going an Easter without it. Their italian cookies are yummy too. 
  • For ricotta cheesecake or cannoli's the only place to go to is Mike's Pastry in the North End. No question. 
  • If you are going to a brunch gathering, then these old fashion donuts might be in order! The Gail Ann Coffee Shop in Arlington makes out of this world old fashion donuts. They taste like donuts should taste, the dough has great flavor and texture and any and all toppings and fillings are amazing. I am drooling as i type this. I still feel indebted to my friends for introducing me to these donuts and for bringing some every time we make it up to Boston.
  • Furlong's Candies, in Norwood, makes the best malt balls I have ever had. Truly, it is a good thing I do not live closer to them or I'd have a serious problem. My other favorite from Furlong's are their Misty Mints. Lots of nostalgia thrown in with a lovely subtle mint flavor and a smooth and crunchy (thanks to the topping) texture combo makes the perfect little treat.  Worth a trip. Indebted to my aunt, Michelle, for being my malt ball dealer. 

Have a local Papersource?

A couple ideas for the little ones. Sometimes bringing a great gift for your host's children is the most appreciated.

Want to stick with alcohol? 

If it is a smaller gathering, a nice bottle of wine will be appreciated. It you are going to a large gathering just know your wine, nice or not, will be mixed in with many others.  

If you know your host enjoys Scotch or Whiskey, perhaps bring a nice bottle to enjoy after your Easter meal. A fun extra touch would be to add a large (2") icecube mold (all the rage now) with it. You can pick one up at most kitchen stores, like these from Williams Sonoma. 

In the mood to bake? 

This chocolate pavlova is the ultimate dessert for Easter or any spring gathering. It is easy to make yet visually impressive and full of great flavor and textures while being fairly light (and gluten free!).