Seeds for the garden

If your host has any interest in plants and has a yard or an open window sill, one or more of these seed assortments would make a lovely gift. They are packaged so beautifully and hold the promise of a bountiful future. 

Veggie and Herb Garden Maker Sets

Each of these kits include 8 organic seed varieties, garden stakes, a pencil, instructions and come in a cute steel case. 

The Vegetable kit has a carefully selected assortment that will result in a delicious and beautiful garden. It inclusdes seeds for lettuce, french breakfast radish, chanernay carrot, marmande tomato, bunching onion, mammoth melting snow pea, edible flower nasturitum and haricot vert maxibel bean

The Herb kit give you basil, parsley, garlic chives, oregano, dill, cilantro, thyme, and sage which would do well in any garden or windowsill. 

Heirloom Seeds Combos: Summer/Spring, Gourmet Greens/Edible Flower, Herb/Veggie

It would be special to receive any one of these assortments of heirloom seeds. To make the gift even better, each of the gorgeous seed packets was designed by a different artist, so the seeds can be planted and the packets framed or turned into beautiful plant makers by simply wrapping in plastic and attaching to a popsicle stick.