Mini Caramel Sauces

For the host with a sweet tooth, this is sure to be a treat! I see the poured over ice cream or shortbread cookies or enjoyed right off a spoon. 

Here's how to make someone happy: Give them six miniature jars of Spoonable's excellent rich, salty caramel sauce. Five simple ingredients (including smooth European-style butter and sea salt from the Camargue region of France) yield a perfectly smooth sauce. Included are a spicy chili caramel, a floral lavender caramel, a chewy sesame with white sesame seeds, a peppered orange with Tellicherry pepper and fresh orange zest, and a buttery apple pecan. - Food52

Buy now through our partner, Food52: Mini Caramel Sauce Gift Set ($20)

Signed Cookbook

For any host that loves to cook, any one of the signed cookbooks offered by Food52 would be special. They have curated a lovely selection and have had them many of them autographed! 

There is something for everyone from general cookbooks to vegetarian ones to baking focus ones to meat focused ones. Does you host love french cuisine? There are a number of french focused books. There is even one from Ivan Ramen and one completely focused on eggs. Yum. 

Explore now on Food52: Cookbooks

(Note: Not all of them are signed, so be sure to check in the description if you are looking for a signed edition)

Maggiso Ceramic Wine Chiller

This wine chiller is amazing. Run it under cold water for a few minutes and it will then keep your bottle of wine cold for 2 - 4 hours. And let's face it, would any single bottle of wine even last 2 hours? You can even write on it with chalk to share the type of wine housed in it or anything else you wish.

We have used it a number of times and are always amazed at the results. The interior is coated so moisture does not transfer from the ceramic to the wine bottle. The ice bucket in this line is also sleek and super functional. 

Buy now through Amazon: Maggiso Ceramic Wine Cooler

Little Vessels

We love everything Light + Ladder produces. As we mentioned when talking about their hanging planters, everything they create has a quite elegance to it. 

These adorable little vessels are no exception. Sold individually as a ceramic cup and solid maple hexagonal stand they can be used alone or as a grouping for petite plants or to set the table with salt and spices. 

The ceramic cup is 2.25" x 1.75". The maple stand is 3" x 3".

Buy now: Hex Spora ($32) 


Beautiful Porcelian Hanging Planter

We first fell in love with these hanging planters made by Light + Ladder, a couple of years ago while browsing on Etsy. And we still love them today. Refined and delicate in appearance, eliciting feelings of calm from any viewer. In fact, everything Light + Ladder has to offer is beautiful and possesses a quiet elegance. 

One (or a set of 3) would make a lovely gift for your host this summer. We love the leather strap (which comes in 3 color options); the rope version would fit in perfectly with any beach/nautical themed home. 

Be sure to also look at their selection of hooks, ranging from round wood hooks to solid brass versions in your choice of round, square or hexagon.

Pie + Hidden Quote Pie Plate

How cute would it be to show up to a summer gathering with a delicious pie in a pie plate the host can keep? Up the fun factor by making the pie in one of these with a hidden quote on the bottom only to be revealed as the pie is eaten. Quotes like "Eat More Pie" and "Nom Nom Nom" are sure to make anyone chuckle.

Buy now: Hidden Quote Pie Plates ($30 each)

 Photos courtesy of Food52

Photos courtesy of Food52

What to bake? This super simple, yet very yummy pie, Key Lime Pie recipe. It is sure to please. 

Seeds for the garden

If your host has any interest in plants and has a yard or an open window sill, one or more of these seed assortments would make a lovely gift. They are packaged so beautifully and hold the promise of a bountiful future. 

Veggie and Herb Garden Maker Sets

Each of these kits include 8 organic seed varieties, garden stakes, a pencil, instructions and come in a cute steel case. 

The Vegetable kit has a carefully selected assortment that will result in a delicious and beautiful garden. It inclusdes seeds for lettuce, french breakfast radish, chanernay carrot, marmande tomato, bunching onion, mammoth melting snow pea, edible flower nasturitum and haricot vert maxibel bean

The Herb kit give you basil, parsley, garlic chives, oregano, dill, cilantro, thyme, and sage which would do well in any garden or windowsill. 

Heirloom Seeds Combos: Summer/Spring, Gourmet Greens/Edible Flower, Herb/Veggie

It would be special to receive any one of these assortments of heirloom seeds. To make the gift even better, each of the gorgeous seed packets was designed by a different artist, so the seeds can be planted and the packets framed or turned into beautiful plant makers by simply wrapping in plastic and attaching to a popsicle stick. 

Formulary 55 Soap or Candle

The perfect gift to bring if you're spending a few days at your friend's place. Formulary 55's scents are intoxicating. The soaps feel luxurious and clean. Soaps range are $5 for a small bar, $9 for a large bar, $32 for gift sets and candles are $24. Wild Flowers & Honey along with Salt and Lavender are our favorite scents. 

Buy now through Etsy: Formulary 55