Simplify - One great wine glass for all

 Crate and Barrel's Nattie Red Wine Glass

Crate and Barrel's Nattie Red Wine Glass

Sure it is nice to have the perfect wine glass for your red or white wine, and some would take it further stating you need specific glasses to fully enjoy your pinot noir or syrah. 

But if your home is anything like mine, space is limited. Yet in our humble West Village apartment we love to host friends and family often, so many that we are often bursting at the seams. And so, having enough wine glasses can often be a challenge.

Our solution: go with one medium sized wine glass to cover both red and white wine. That way instead of 6 red wine glasses and 6 white wine glasses you can have 12 wine glasses to be used for either - 12 guests happy regardless of their wine preference.

The right glass works like a charm. Our pick, and what we use in our home, is Crate and Barrel's Nattie Red Wine Glass. You can buy them by the glass or in a set of 8. And at $3.95 per glass (less if you buy a set of 8) they are affordable.

Note, the exception to this is sparkling wine/champagne. You definitely want to have special glasses for your bubbly! The Nattie Champagne glasses are a nice option.