Ohhio Merino Wool Blankets

You cannot look at these thick knit blankets and not want to curl up in one! Look at that soft cozy texture and the rich color. Sigh. 

I am hoping to find one under our Christmas tree for me this year!! Who wouldn't want the gift of coziness? 

A perfect gift for a loved one, or yourself. Image one draped on your sofa, or favorite chair or bed.

Blankets range in size and color and start at $295 (small blanket) to $897 (extra large). They make a few other knitted items as well, such as scarves. If you are a knitter, you can buy the large form wool to make your own creation. 

See more and purchase directly from Ohhio.

Ohhio is offering 30% off orders over $550 with code OHHIOCOMFY through Dec 14.
Buy one now!! (I am not affiliated with them in anyway, I just love their blankets)

All images from Ohhio.