DIY Marbled Jewelry Tray Kit

Brit + Co have given crafting and DIY a stylish spin! This Marbled Jewelry Tray Kit has everything needed to make 2 one of a kind marbled dishes with gilded edges. Just add love and jewelry. 

A wonderful gift for the crafter in your life to make on their own.

Or a very sweet gift if you were to make it yourself and then gift it to a loved one. Perhaps as a gift to mom on her birthday or mother's day. 

If you make it for someone else, make it extra special and truly one of a kind by inscribing a little message or name on the bottom of the tray with a toothpick while the clay is still wet. How sweet would it be to turn it over and read, "You are loved" or a child's name. Would be nice to include the year in fine print as well. Another option is to write on the bottom with a fine tipped sharpie after the clay is baked. You could also use the gold paint pen included with the kit, Brit + Co just says to be sure to let the writing sit for 8 hours so it does not smudge. 

Each kit is $25 and you can pick one of 6 colors. 

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 All images from Brit + Co

All images from Brit + Co

We have no affiliation with Brit + Co besides loving what they make and do.