L3D Cube

The L3D Cube is super fun gadget for anyone even slightly tech inclined. 

It's an 8x8x8 LED cube with full color, with built in microphone and accelerometer and wifi capabilities, which once assembled can respond to external stimulus (e.g. sound) with fantastic light displays. It comes preloaded with a number of visualizations - so no programming required. But if you want to take it further you can create your own interactive visualizations.

Words do not do it justice. Watch the video and prepared to be wowed! This would be an amazing gift for your tech inclined loved one... or yourself! Learn more from the L3D creators at Looking Glass. 

Images from Amazon

Images from Amazon

Homemade Waffles

My husband made these waffles for me one year for my birthday and  I request them every chance I can reasonably do so! 

The Pioneer Woman nailed a perfect waffle recipe. The outer layer is crisp and with a slight crunch and encases soft pillowy insides. The flavor is delicate yet far from bland. They are so good.

Fresh berries, some good quality maple syrup and bacon are excellent companions. 

I encourage you to make these any time you want to treat someone.

Oh! And they also store well in the freezer. To freeze, place them in a ziplock bag with a piece or parchment paper between them. Then they are ready to go right into the toaster to warm through and toast up the exterior.

Enjoy! The Pioneer Woman's  Waffle Recipe

Adopt a plant on the Highline (NYC)


The High Line draws millions of visitors each year and though I have walked it hundreds of times, it still amazes me every time, especially in the early morning when it is quiet.

If you are looking for a special gift with a special meaning for anyone who loves the High Line, whether they fell in love on a trip or as a local, let me suggest adopting a plant on the High Line! Contributions "go directly toward ensuring that the High Line's plantings continue to thrive in all seasons."

Options range from $25 to $150 for different plant types. Each adoption comes with Certificate of Adoption, a postcard set of the plant and either a grass pen or a pack of High Line seed bombs depending on the adoption level. On the site you can even read about where on the High Line you can find the plants.