Play Campfire set

We got this Land Of Nod The S'more the Merrier Campfire Set for our daughter to play with along with an indoor play tent and I remain delighted with the set. It is realistic enough to bring on a feeling of coziness despite it being a toy. I think it is such a fun set and would make a great gift for any young child. 


Image from Land of Nod. We have no affiliation with Land of Nod, we just love this product and want to share it with you.

Doca Pet bowls and bed

Doca Pet makes high quality, modern dog bowls and a great bed for our four legged friends. We first got a set of their Dogleg Diner dog bowls about 3 years ago. I can honestly say it has stood up perfectly. I love that their designs have removable stainless steel bowls that are easy to throw in the dishwasher. I ordered some extras so it was ok if we didn't wash his bowls right away. He could always have fresh ones on hand. Both the stands and bowls come in different sizes so you can get the prefect fit for your pet.

A few months ago, we got a little place outside of the city to escape to from time to time.  Our dog, Sebastian, is quite happy to be able to run around out there. I got their Square Meal set along with their Zz bed for that house. The dish set is just what I expected and the bed is amazing. Our dog loves it so much I ordered a second one. It's also easy to clean as the cover comes off and the cover along with the interior cushions can all go in the wash. Then they reassemble easily, unlike another bed we have!

So if you are looking for some new bowls for you little furry friend or an awesome bed, check out Doca Pet

Little Ceramic and Wood Trees

 The grouping in our apartment

The grouping in our apartment

Another find that I am so happy about are these little ceramic and wood trees made by one of my favorite makers, Farmhouse Pottery in Vermont. I couldn't help myself and bought a rather large collection of them. I have a grouping of 5 wood ones in our Manhattan apartment and 2 groupings of ceramic ones up at our little country place. I absolutely love them, They are so delightfully enchanting. Seriously, get some for yourself and give them to everyone you know this holiday season.

Creekside Farms Large Winter Branch Wreath

This gorgeous wreath currently sits just inside the front door at our cabin and I can hardly contain how much I love it. You should have it in your home. Food52 also has a number of other lovely wreaths if you'd prefer a slightly different style. These would also make lovely holiday gifts for family.

 The wreath in our entryway

The wreath in our entryway


We are an affiliate of Food52 and receive a small commission on any sales. But be assured that we only recommend products we truly love. Some images above from Food52.

Wellfleet Oyster, Little Neck Clam, & Crab Knives + Leather Wrap

My husband recently discovered the joy of buying fresh oysters and shucking them himself at home. I can tell there is something so much more satisfying about the entire experience when he shucks them himself, whether he then enjoys them himself or plates them to have with company. 

If there is someone like that in your life, this set would make such a lovely gift. It's a beautiful yet functional luxury. 


Bocce's Bakery: All-natural, small-batch gourmet dog treats

This year I have had the pleasure of getting to know Andrea, one of the founders of Bocce's bakery. Named after her cute pup, Bocce's Bakery produces all-natural, preservative and chemical free biscuits, in flavors that would tempt humans! They really care about what goes into every treat they make and even offer fun seasonal flavors to change things up for the special dog in your life. 

Grab some for your furry friends today! 

Pewter Candlesticks

These are an instant heirloom. Reminiscent of another time yet their purity and simplicity still lend themselves to a more modern setting. I like to have a pair of these with one of the taller (also featured here) version for a trio. They were beyond perfect on our Thanksgiving Table this year. A bargain for the aesthetic and quality. Pick up some pretty tapers from Food52 as well, they have a bunch of amazing colors to choose from. 

These beauties on our 2017 Thanksgiving table:

First Christmas in a New Home Ornament

A sweet keepsake for your first Christmas in a new home. Would also make a lovely gift. Here are a few we like:


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