For the Music Lover: powerbeats2 wireless Earphones

I have these and they are fantastic. I normally do not like ear bud type headphones as they do not stay in my ear and just make my ears feel weird. But these go over your ear so they can sort of just sit in front of your ear. Very comfortable. And they are by beats so you know the sound quality is great. The extra bonus is that these are wireless! Great for working out, train rides, plane travel and so on. Who needs extra cords getting in the way? The one down side is that you cannot plug into an airplane's entertainment system. 

A pair of these would make anyone happy, so why not upgrade Dad's headphones this Father's Day? 

They come in 5 different colors, I have the black and red which is great. The other newer colors are also very cool. I'm loving the white one and the all red one. Photos below are courtesy of the Beats site.

Read more and buy now at the Beats website