Nov 30 2016

I hope everyone who celebrates had a lovely Thanksgiving. Ours was really nice. Our West Village apartment was bursting with family and we worked our little kitchen to the max. I loved every minute. 

I happily discovered Petee's Pie Company this year. When trying out a new place I like to try a lot! So on the Monday before Thanksgiving, I had a blueberry and a coconut custard pie delivered. They were both divine. My family would live off the coconut custard pie if it would sustain them. The bottom half of the pie was smooth and had an eggy richness, the upper portion brought in just the right amount of texture with the addition of coconut shreds and a nicely carmelized top - all without being overly sweet. It was gone before Thanksgiving - definitely the family favorite. My favorite, however, was the blueberry. You could taste the glorious freshness of the small wild blueberries, still round and maintaining their integrity. They only use a quarter cup of sugar in the pie - which is just right. Top with some vanilla ice-cream and there can be nothing better. For Thanksgiving we had their pumpkin and pecan pies. The pumpkin was good, though strongly seasoned. The pecans pie was a little bit sweeter than the others but that was offset by the deep toasted flavor of the pecans on top. Hmmm... I might have to pick up another pie soon. 

Nov 15 2016

I'm normally the one who thinks you cannot begin to think about Christmas until Thanksgiving is over, and perhaps even a week after that. But for some reason this year my mind is on Christmas already. I'm longing for Christmas much and unpacking our cherished decorations. 

The other day, my eight year old daughter told me that she loves Thanksgiving and Christmas because of the warm feeling they give her. We must be doing something right. 

Sep 10 2016 

And so another school year has started. I've been thinking about the last couple of school years and while they were wonderful and full of activity they went by in a flash. This year I want to aim to be more present, to appreciate the every day, the busy but also allow for some quiet too. I want to allow that for my daughter too.