Ice cream sundae bars are just plain fun for all ages. I have yet to meet anyone whose eyes wouldn't light up at seeing a selection of ice cream ready to be scooped into their vessel of choice followed by a cornucopia of toppings with no limits. 

If you are planning any summer gathering (cookout, play date, end of year class party, "get to know the other kids in your grade next year" play date) make it extra special by having an ice cream sundae bar! 

While not that hard to pull together, just to make it super simple to plan and shop for here's a step by step guide and recommendations on how to add one to your next gathering.

The vessels 

Everyone had a favorite vessel for their ice cream, you should have cups, sugar cones and wafer cones. 


I like the Let's Do Organic brand for more natural, yet still tasty, cones. The brand also has a gluten free version. Available at Whole Foods and Amazon. 


These Meri Meri ice cream cups are so fun and will enhance your set-up. We love the ice cream truck box. Who could look at it and not smile?!  

The ice cream

Pick your favorite ice cream brand and get the staples - vanilla and chocolate are the two must haves. If you are having a larger party then throw in one or two other flavors for fun. 

If you have ever hosted a children's party you know allergies run a broad spectrum. Allergy suffers will really appreciate your having an alternative for them. Most ice cream is made with eggs, and yet, gelato often without eggs. So for my daughter, we often go the gelato route. Sorbet is a nice alternative for those with egg or dairy allergies. 

Make your selection extra special by picking up a favorite local brand! Here are some of ours:

The toppings

Must haves

Nice additions

  • Chocolate chips, mini ones would be even better (my daughter's request)
  • Marshmallow topping or mini-marshmallows 
  • Caramel Sauce (La Salamandra Dulce de Leche from Argentina is amazing!)
  • Crushed up cookies like Oreos or graham crackers 
  • Fruit - strawberries, blueberries and pitted cherries make nice choices. 
  • Whipped Cream - for baking we always prefer freshly whipped cream, in this case, the good old canned version is best. Whole Foods carries an organic option. 


Most items are linked through this page but to make it even easier, we have collected anything you can purchase through Amazon in one place for you: Cheer Industries Amazon Shop - Ice Cream. If you have Amazon Prime, you'll see if reflected once you are ready to check out.