Furlong's Candies

Furlong's Candies, in Norwood, makes the best malt balls I have ever had. Truly, it is a good thing I do not live closer to them or I'd have a serious problem. My other favorite from Furlong's are their Misty Mints. Lots of nostalgia thrown in with a lovely subtle mint flavor and a smooth and crunchy (thanks to the topping) texture combo makes the perfect little treat.  Worth a trip. Indebted to my aunt, Michelle, for being my malt ball dealer. 

The Gail Ann Coffee Shop - Best Donuts Ever

If you are going to a brunch gathering, then these old fashion donuts might be in order! The Gail Ann Coffee Shop in Arlington makes out of this world old fashion donuts. They taste like donuts should taste, the dough has great flavor and texture and any and all toppings and fillings are amazing. I am drooling as i type this. I still feel indebted to my friends for introducing me to these donuts and for bringing some every time we make it up to Boston.

La Maison Du Chocolat

We first tried their chocolates while on a trip to Paris. They are gorgeous.

More recently we've enjoyed hot chocolate from their Plaza Hotel location. While expensive, it is the second best hot chocolate I have ever had and by far the best in NYC. If you are willing to splurge a little (I tend to go for quality over quantity) then perhaps some chocolates from La Maison Du Chocolate are in order. 

They have multiple locations worldwide, with a few in NYC. If you cannot make it to a boutique, they ship US wide through their website