Artifact Uprising Photo Gifts

I am so pleased to now be an affiliate partner to Artifact Uprising! I have had my eye on them for about a year now. Last month I placed my first order with them. The process was super simple and the product high end. I now have a very special and one of a kind gift for a number of relatives. Hopefully they do not read this until after they receive it! After being so delighted with my creation and the process, I decided to seek out becoming a partner. And now we are!



Brass Easel + Calendar

This is my favorite gift this holiday season! Elegant, custom and very sweet.

To the left you can see the one I created for our family this year. The process was easy, the resulting product high end and one of a kind. The easel is study and beautiful. The calendar months printed on thick card stock.

For each month I picked a photo I took from the same month this last year which was a nice representation of something during that month - January started with a photo in the snow, February was a photo of my daughter's birthday celebration, March a Chinese New Year photo, April a cute Easter moment, and so on.

Create one and order multiples for your entire family! Next year you can order just the calendar card replacements (with updated photos) for about $10. 

From Artifact Uprising: This stand-alone piece artfully combines a solid brass easel with premium quality papers to bring you a beautifully unique desk or tabletop display. Just add 12 of your favorite photos in the calendar design of your choice; gift it or enjoy all year round. 

Artifact Uprising // From $48

Disclaimer: We are an affiliate of Artifact Uprising and receive a small commission on any sales. But we only recommend products we truly love.