Cocktail Tote Kit

Be the coolest one at the picnic, outdoor concert or beach party with this cocktail tote! 

It is tall to keep bottles enclosed, has 2 sleeves to keep bottles safe and you can purchase it with the tools you'll need (cocktail shaker and 10" muddler - can you say mojito?) so it is always ready to go. I would add a nice corkscrew, like this Olivewood Laguiole one from Amazon for $150 or this less expensive Waiter's version by the same french maker at $23.

Spending a long weekend at a friend's summer beach house? This would make a lovely gift, be sure to add some alcohol too. 

Buy the tote through our partner Food52: Cocktail Tote Kit ($100 - $149)

All Photos from Food52

All Photos from Food52